Let’s talk about democratic education.

Share your ideas at the International Democratic Education Conference 2023

15th to 20th October

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, Kathmandu, Nepal


IDEC Nepal 2023

15th to 20th October







Your conference, by you, and for you.

IDEC is about coming together of educators, students, parents and all, to guide, to help, to learn and expand the horizons of different methods of educating our children and ourselves . IDEC is an OPENSpace conference where you can give talks and lectures, organize workshops and activities, and participate

Do you want to know more about education?

Do you have something to share or a vision about future education?

Are you looking for alternative ways of educating yourself, your children or young people around you?

Himalayan IDEC 2.0

20th to 23rd October

Beyond the Conference: a sweet dessert of IDEC 2023

You have come a long way to be part of the conference in this small yet geographically diverse and culturally rich country, Nepal. We think that it is a great opportunity for you to combine the conference with a fantastic trek along the crests of the mountains with a beautiful view of the gigantic Himalayas, and traditional villages. We invite you to experience the raw Nepali lifestyle through all five senses and extend the imagination beyond. We are also inviting some amazing Speakers, local and international, to serve you a sweet dessert for your body and soul at the end of IDEC 2023. 

For teachers

Are teachers eternal students ? Because the more you learn from your students, the better you teach them. Let’s discuss about your opinion at IDEC 2023.

For parents

As a parent you are the first to educate your children. During their schooling you continue to teach them, and also learn from them. Come to share with us, learn from other parents and educators.

For students

Your voice is at the heart of our conference. Debate with other students, share with parents, talk to teachers, learn from speakers. Let’s make IDEC 2023 your playground !

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

We are the hosts of IDEC 2023. We are a family of 170 children and 50 adults from different parts of Nepal living together, adhering to the principle “All Life is Yoga”. We are extremely pleased to take care of you during your stay here.

Each of us welcome you all open-heartedly to our big family and be a part of it.

Contact our Founder Ramchandra Das: +9779851101539

And what about the Price?

We have developed a wide range of accommodations to allow everyone to come and participate: from tents to suit rooms, there is a solution for EVERY PREFERENCE, EVERY NEED and EVERY BUDGET.

We have given a name and a new destination to all our buildings to offer you the best possible welcome. During IDEC we will have 1 camping, 3 hostels, 1 hotel and a conference and workshop center :

  1. Camping
  2. Manaslu Hostel
  3. Matatirtha Hostel
  4. Kathmandu Hostel
  5. Chandragiri Hotel
  6. IDEC Conference Center

Want to become a sponsor?

IDEC 2023 is looking for sponsors that align with the values of the conference. Get your organization, product, or service noticed amongst the international audience, by becoming our sponsors. We provide you a table, and a printed recognition at the venue and also promote your work, service, or product via our webpage and social media handle. 

Write to us to become a sponsor and let us know how you would like to help us. It can be by giving charity, media sponsorship, social media outreach, or any other way.

Infos IDEC Nepal 2023

Our keynote speakers

We have invited renowned, kind and experienced friends from around the world who are shaping Education.

— 30+ Renowned Speakers Joining soon! —

Jerry Mintz (USA)

Founder, and Director of Alternative Education Resource Organization.

Yaacov Hecht ( Israel)

Founder, Democratic School of Hadera and Author

Henry Readhead (UK)

Vice-Principal, Summerhill School

Swami Ramchandra Das (Nepal)

Founder, Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

Testimonials about previous editions

"It was a great pleasure to connect with many of you through the precious opportunity that IDEC offered ZA Share as a keynoter at this year's conference."

Ozzie Su

Taiwan ZA Share

“Organizing such a wonderful conference takes great effort. Thank you all IDEC family.”

Kageki Akasura

Founder, Tekisen Democratic University

"Thank you for a wonderful IDEC. I was happy to attend talks by some amazing Speakers."

Omer Fest


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