Cancellation Information

Life sometimes offers us unexpected paths

Cancel your ticket

In case of cancellation BEFORE September 1st

Ticket's Fee

45€ will be retained as a fee, regardless of the price of your ticket.

You can also donate your entire booking for the children of the educational ashram.

Idec 2.0's Fee

The 46 € booking for the Himalayan IDEC will not be refunded.

It has already been used to book your rooms in the resorts.

In case of cancellation AFTER September 1st

No refunds will be possible, except in cases of force majeure
In all cases, the reservation fee will not be refunded


Credit Card

You have paid for your booking by credit card directly on BilletWeb:

-> Click on the link to view your ticket on BilletWeb and proceed to cancel and request a refund (or choose to donate your booking for the children)

Wise or …

You have paid for your booking via Wise or or bank transfer

-> Send us an email with all the necessary instructions so that we can proceed with the refund (within the limits of the rules stated above)

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